Grant Corresonpdence


from Jamyang Choling, Himachal Pradesh

Feb. 9, 2010

(Grant Application Letter to Ohana Maitreya)

Here at Jamyang Choling Nunnery we would like to expand our computer lab, so that our senior nuns, having completed much of their philosophical study, may take the opportunity to learn basic computer skills including word processing and accessing the internet. (We currently have two computers for one hundred nuns).

Unlike most Tibetan nunneries in India, the responsibility for all facets of running the nunnery is undertaken by the nuns themselves. For that reason it is important that the senior nuns can use word processing and accounting programs as well as learn the means to communicate with friends and sponsors overseas. At the present time, most do not know how to switch the computer on or use a mouse.

Through internet access the nuns can gain access to resources and information the world over and expand their understanding of the world. This is important as most of the nuns come from underprivileged, isolated communities in the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, and Tibet. As such their understanding of the world at large is limited.

Jamyang Choling’s primary goal is to give nuns from Tibet and other Himalayan regions access to the ancient system of monastic and philosophical studies previously allowed only to monks. This rigorous course of study will remain the corner stone of a Jamyang Choling nun’s education. However, once the principle course of study is completed (approximately 10 years), senior nuns who continue to study the full 16 year program have maturity and are proficient in their studies. They can take a more active role in the day to day running and administration of the community.

An opportunity to study is a nun’s opportunity to reach her goal of spiritual understanding, and while some nuns may choose to teach or undertake retreat once their studies are complete, some feel more drawn towards administration and service to the nunnery to ensure the community’s continuation for future generations of nuns. This requires sound computer skills and the ability to understand and communicate with donors and supporters throughout the world.

Yours truly,

Tenzin Yejung, Jamyang Choling Nunnery

Ohana Maitreya made a grant of $1,200 for the purchase of computers and received the following reply:

April 23, 2010

Dear Algienne,

We would like to write an e-mail to thank you for your contribution to our nunnery. We have purchased three new computers, two of which are in the computer lab in the main campus. The other was sent to the senior nuns at head office as their computer was failing. The senior nuns on the main campus started computer lessons about two weeks ago and are very enthusiastic. The nuns at head office will hopefully start more in-depth lessons soon as well.

Thank you again for your assistance. We are very grateful to Ohana Maitreya and also the Tibetan Nuns Project for helping to purchase these computers.

Yours truly,

Tenzin Yejung and the nuns of Jamyang Choling Nunnery